Avtomatizacija knjižnic v Srbiji

In the Republic of Serbia, 27 municipal libraries are authorised to carry out central library tasks together with the National Library of Serbia, the Library of Matica Srpska and the University Library Svetozar Marković from Belgrade. The total number of registered libraries in Serbia is 2,780. Their automation has been following the programme of the Serbian Library Information System Development. The co-operation with IZUM has existed since 1988, since 17 February 2003 the COBISS.SR system has been set up within the Virtual Library of Serbia. At present, the COBIB.SR Union Catalogue contains 1,565,000 records created by 43 active members of the system. Nevertheless, there are about ten different library software packages used by Serbian libraries. Additionally, the project is going on to digitise the materials held by National Library of Serbia. Open Society Fund, The EU Programme Tempus and above all IZUM have had an important role in providing the equipment for library automation in Serbia.



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31. 12. 2005
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