Library System Development Centre, National and University Library, and integration of school libraries in COBISS

The amendments to the Librarianship Act in 2015 redefined the status of school libraries and assigned new tasks associated with the monitoring of the activities and development of school libraries to the National and University Library (NUL). The statistical monitoring of activities performed by school libraries, the designing of the school library development strategy, the concept of three-year development plans and the development of regulations on the conditions to be met by school libraries in the field of education are among the new activities of the Library System Development Centre, NUL.

Kakšen COBISS, knjižničarka?

At Polje Primary School, on the day of technology organised within the framework of activity days, pupils of the 6th grade learn about the COBISS system and about searching in COBISS/OPAC. In six periods, pupils also learn about how to cite sources correctly and about the rules for writing term papers.

Podsticanje čitanja kao zajednička zadaća biblioteka, vrtića i porodice

In recent years, encouraging early reading and developing literacy as an important competency for lifelong learning, success in education and life in modern society have become an increasingly important topic among experts and scientists of various profiles. One begins to realise that this complex pedagogical and psychological activity, if it is to be implemented efficiently and effectively, requires adequately competent providers and creators and suitable programs to be developed for this purpose.