Stanje in problemi avtomatizacije knjižnic v Sloveniji

Presented in this paper are the very beginnings of library automation in Slovenia, the current state and issues. A special emphasis is given on the automation level of larger libraries which, for the most part, are full members of the COBISS.SI system. The paper also contains comprehensive factual data on the system.

Nekaj misli o knjižnicah in informacijskem trgu

Libraries account for about 7 % of the total information market, which in terms of quantity makes them a significant part of this market. The roles they have been performing for centuries and for which they have been paid tremendous amounts of money, are in this modern world put under question.

Prihodnost kontrole serijskih publikacij: implementacija formata MARC 21 za podatke o zalogi

The paper presents impressions of the Preconference dealing with The Future of Serials Control: Implementation of the MARC21 Holdings Format, and those of the Annual 2001 ALA Conference. Special importance is given to both current holdings standards and issues and plans concerning the implementation of these standards within the serials check-in module of the world’s best known library systems.